Bharath Gulf International (BG)

Bharath Gulf international (BG) has a vision to create a collaborative and mutually beneficial forum for employers and job-seekers in Gulf. Our mission is to connect employers and job-seeks. Bag your Opportunity!

How it Works

If you are a construction worker, post your profile for free and employers will find you!

If you are an employer search the database of available labor, and hire the right person!

Job Seekers

Post your profile for free.
Anonymous screen name keeps your identity confidential.
Always keep the option of advancement open.
Employers find you!
Get paid what you deserve.


Free Registration.
Search through a large list of available labor.
Easily filter and sort for qualities in an employee that are most important.
Find and hire qualified candidates instantly.
Save time and money.
Drive business forward with the talent you need.
Optimize performance, be more competitive.
Get job done on time and under budget.
Stop sorting through hundreds of applicants to fill a few positions.
Stop paying high fees to advertise a job offering.


Whoever requires training can be registered to improve their skills and get right job.
Easy methods to train.
Class room training & on job training.
Save time and money.
Different options available to make this available to all mankind.
Right job for right candidate.